Jan 13, 2019

Katzenpost Rustification


I wrote some notes about making mixnet components in Rust that are binary compatible with existing Katzenpost components. ( https://github.com/katzenpost/docs/blob/master/drafts/priority_tasks.rst#rustification )


The goal should be binary compatibility with the golang implementation of Katzenpost such that the existing golang components can interoperate with the new Rust components. Perhaps the biggest advantage of using Rust would be for writing mixnet clients as opposed to mix servers. A Rust mixnet client could easily present a FFI that could be used by user interfaces written in Java for Android and Swift for iOS.

I wrote several relavant rust crates:

Sphinx binary compatibility

The rust Sphinx uses the exact same cryptographic primitives as the golang implementation. Therefore it should be fairly easy to make them binary compatible. They should share test vectors.

Mix server

Current work in progress rust mix server:

Development progress has halted due to not being able to interoperate with the existing Katzenpost Directory Authority system.